Homeowners complacent about home security and burglary

Recent research commissioned by Verisure reveals that 66% of respondents fear they are more at risk of their home being burgled if they have been burgled before.

Burglar burgling a home

When you leave your house always carry out basic home security to make it harder for burglars.

The research focussed on security concerns over the festive period but the findings and actions homeowners could carry out to prevent burglary can be applied all year round.

70% of the UK population perceive that homes are more likely be burgled during the festive period if Christmas gifts and goods are stored in the home. Just over a fifth think that their homes are more vulnerable to burglars if they leave an empty house while they are on holiday.

Carry out basic home security

The irony of all this is that while many homeowners feel that the risk of burglary is increased over the festive period, many do not carry out fundamental home security precautions, such as:

  • Check that alarms function properly
  • Ensuring that gates to their property are always closed
  • Ensure that windows and doors are locked before leaving the house
  • Leaving lights on when no-one is in the house
  • Leaving gifts and goods in bins and other places for friends, family and delivery people to pick up

Peter Woolf, an ex-burglar who has now been rehabilitated, said “Frankly I’m concerned. Criminals are opportunistic by trade and if they see a chance they’ll take it. I hate to say it, but if they haven’t taken the time to secure their home and hide their purchases, they’ll become a victim.”

Online actions can increase risk of burglary

Home burgled homeowner call police

Avoid this situation and don’t be complacent about home security. Carry our basic home security and/or install an intruder alarm.

There is also the suggestion that online actions are not being carried out responsibly by many young adults. This is in spite of 20% of respondents believing that there is more likely to be a burglary when they are not at home. In addition, a staggering 93% acknowledged that their posts on social media could alert burglars to the fact that there was an empty house just waiting for them to visit.

Around a quarter of the research respondents put off making their homes more secure until the New Year because they didn’t have the time or they couldn’t afford to modify their home security. Perhaps a more serious consideration of the effects of a burglary would make them re-evaluate their priorities?

The research also points to a growing complacency among people who have been burgled in the past. Just 22% ensure they put their alarm on every time they leave the house and 80% still leave possessions in places that would be visible from the outside.

If any of the above information has made you think about making your home more secure with an intruder alarm, CSS are happy to discuss your requirements.

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