It’s another long service celebration at CSS as Iain Walker, our Commercial Manager has just celebrated 25 years’ service.

Iain Walker 25 years at CSS

Iain Walker celebrating 25 years service at CSS with Managing Director Paul Connelly.

He is pictured here with CSS Managing Director Paul Connelly receiving his long service award. Paul Connelly commented “Iain has been an outstanding and trusted member of CSS throughout his long career. Iain and I were both service engineers with modern alarms in the early 1980s and since Iain came on board 1992 he’s been a valued member of CSS ever since.”

Iain rose up the ranks from Engineer to Supervisor to Service Manager before undertaking his current senior role of Commercial Manager. Paul said “you can’t train experience however, Iain has a lifetime’s experience dealing within the cut and thrust of the electronic security systems market – a role he undertakes conscientiously” adding “Iain has what it takes to deliver for the business, he is an immensely valued and appreciated member of the company who wholly understands our principles and values.”

Outside of work Iain likes to cycle, travel, he also enjoys hillwalking, and spending time with his family and new grandchild.

November 24th, 2017|CSS News|