Monitored Wireless Home Alarm System

Our System costs from £350.00 plus on-going maintenance and monitoring support from £26 per month direct debit, minimum 18 month rolling contract.

Our monitored wireless home alarm system (they used to be referred to as burglar alarms) is a new generation wireless technology system to protect your home.

Our home security system includes all the equipment, installation, testing and monitoring to ensure that your house is fully protected.

Installing the house alarm system

This latest generation of house security technology is installed by our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly engineers with a minimum of fuss and to a high standard. This system is entirely wire free so there isn’t any disruption to the homes decoration.

Professional Home Security System

The protection that our family business offers to the public is an EmersonRD intelligent security system of far superior quality than those DIY offers by discount stores, not to mention CSS removing the hassle for you of installing the system and looking after it long-term.

CSS Alarm Response Centre

Our system is monitored, therefore you will have the peace of mind in knowing CSS are on hand 24hrs a day to react to your system should an incident occur. The system will connect via the mobile phone network to us and we will notify you, or your nominated key holder, of any activations.

Why Select CSS to protect your home

Before you make your choice of provider please consider the reasons we think you should place your valued business with CSS. See Why you should select CSS to install and maintain your monitored wireless home security system to profits your home.

Having been in business for over thirty years we have never competed on price alone, price is important but we believe our success over most of our competitors has been long-term great service and value. You do get what you pay for in all walks of life. The lifecycle of CSS EmersonRD security system is second to none.

Monitored Alarm System

Our home alarm system is monitored so you will have the peace of mind in knowing CSS are on hand 24hrs a day to react to your system should an incident occur.

The system will connect via the mobile phone network to the Scottish based CSS Alarm Receiving Centre and we will notify your nominated key holder or you of any activations.

Robust and Reliable Alarm System

The CSS offer will provide a robust reliable alarm system that is fit for purpose and will offer years of  support from our customer care team.

What’s included in this package:

2 Pet Friendly Intruder Movement Detection Devices

2  x Pet Friendly Intruder Movement Detection Devices

2 Remote Key FOBs

2 x Remote Key FOBs

2 Door Contacts

2 x Door Contacts

Alarm System & Back-Up Battery

1 x Alarm System Control Panel + Back-up Battery

External CSS Self- Activating Alarm

1 x External CSS Self-Activating Alarm

CSS Decoy Bell Box

1 x CSS Decoy Bell Box

ARC Remote Testing From CSS

1 x Remote Dial In Maintenance Check Per Annum

CSS Annual Maintenance Visit

1 x Physical Visit Maintenance Inspection Per Annum

NSI Certificate

1 x National Security Inspectorate (NSI) certificate of status and competence

Guaranteed Payment if you fall to a successful burglary

1 x Guaranteed payment back from CSS to you up to £250 to cover insurance excess

Extend your home security system

Additional devices can be added including:

  • Intruder shock detector for window up to 1 metre square - £70
  • Wireless key-fob to set/unset the system at the touch of a button (no need for a code) - £70
  • Smoke Detector - £70
  • Pet friendly Intruder movement detector - £70
  • Decoy external sounder box - £30
  • Portable Medical Alert/Panic button device £70
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All additional items are priced individually and include vat, labour, and on-going maintenance and support.   A technical survey will be carried out prior to installation date once the deposit has been paid via our on-line pay pal account or by bank card over the phone.
  • Alarm Text Alerts - with CSS alarms you will receive a text alert whenever your alarm goes off.
  • Self-Installed alarm systems are not regulated by the Police.

Police Response Service

Police service response to a confirmed alarm, CSS will notify your key holder and the Police if two separate detectors are activated around the same time, this can confirm an intruder is on the premises and the call passed to the Police by our alarm receiving centre will be prioritised. (Dependant on Police resources at the time). Add £75 to the quote price.

Notes on Police Response Service for House Alarms

If you decide on a Police response to a confirmed alarm activation CSS will administer the unique reference number issued by Police Scotland on your behalf.

The URN fee is a mandatory fee required to be paid by the Scottish Government to the Police service. This enables the Police to respond to alarm systems that have been installed by properly regulated security system providers that are paying tax and are vetted as not being involved in criminality etc.

The Police service do not respond to “bells“ only alarm activations unless there has been a reported suspicious activity or other means that would warrant the Police services deployment. All of this is to ensure this public service resources are being utilised properly and not being wasted in responding to un-regulated installers or DYI systems that are not properly installed or looked after and cause nuisance.

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