Be aware of your security online and in
your home

It’s the time of year of fun and cheer, family gatherings and shopping till you drop. With days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming we tend to purchase far more presents than normal. We want all our clients, friends and families to have a great Festive break and to enjoy the celebrations.

Unfortunately, for many, it’s also a time of desperation and scammers, so we have to be extra vigilant.

So I’ve put together some handy tips and advice to make sure your Christmas isn’t spoiled.

  1. Be careful how you move parcels in and out of your house. Try and do this in quieter moments.
  2. Watch where you ask the delivery man to leave your packages. If you can’t be at home, it’s safer with a neighbour than behind the wheelie bin.
  3. Don’t leave anything visible in your car. Lock bags and parcels in the boot.
  4. Don’t leave home without setting your CSS alarm. An alarm will deter thieves.
  5. Look in your windows from outside if you can. Are there a lot of presents or valuables on show? If so angle your blinds or curtains to restrict the view.
  6. Watch when using Credit Cards on party nights. Don’t let the person serving you take your payment card out of your line of sight.
  7. If someone asks you for your Debit Card instead of your Credit Card – DO NOT fall for this scam. The machine can be false, and you could have your hard earned money emptied from your account.
  8. Be careful using ATMs. Check no one is watching you and check the machine doesn’t have any add-ons it’s not supposed to have.
  9. Do not give any information over the phone to anyone regarding bank or card details. Your bank would never use this method of contact.
  10. Watch for postcards through the letterbox that ask you to call a number because of a missed delivery. If you weren’t expecting a parcel be careful. Check online to see if it’s genuine as some of these cards promote premium rate calls that can cost you a lot of money.
  11. With safety in mind, please be careful with Christmas decorations. Try to avoid lit candles near decorations. Check decorations are fireproof before you buy.
  12. Don’t overload sockets with powered decorations. Watch out for cheap Christmas lights and do not leave them on overnight.
  13. Some information that maybe useful for staying secure online>
  14. And finally, the old favourite cook the bird till it’s juices run clear.

Let’s all have a safe Festive Holiday.
Paul Connelly
Managing Director of CSS Ltd.

November 22nd, 2018|CSS News, Security and Safety Tips|