CSS donate to Addiction Recovery Centre (Kirkintilloch)

CSS has long had an active programme of supporting local and national charities. This Christmas, CSS staff generously donated £25 each from their annual bonuses in an effort to help support the Addiction Recovery Centre (Kirkintilloch) to carry out their much needed addiction help and support service. The total raised was £3,000.

CSS Managing Director Paul Connelly said of CSS staff “They are sharing the love to the wider community and that’s a good thing to do.”

In passing on his thanks to CSS, Stewart Savage and Seamus Harkin of Addiction Recovery Centre (Kirkintilloch) said “The Addiction Recovery Centre has been busy again this past year with new clients entering our service each week. I’m glad to say the majority are now living lives free from addiction and it’s thanks to people like yourselves, who as you rightly put it ‘share the love’, that we are able to carry on and be available for those still suffering.”

Addiction Recovery Centre Kirkintilloch

About Addiction Recovery Centre (Kirkintilloch)

Addiction Recovery Centre (Kirkintilloch) is a registered charity and recipient of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. Staffed by volunteers, the centre provides support for people who are facing alcohol, drug and gambling problems as well as for their family members who are affected by the effects of addictions.

Operating in East Dunbartonshire and part of North Lanarkshire, their valued recovery programme helps people live positive lives and become positive members of their family and useful members of the community.

December 19th, 2018|Charity Work, CSS News|