How secure is your home when you’re on holiday?

CSS holiday home security checklistWhen it comes to preparing a checklist for your holiday there are no prizes for guessing what’s the most important: home security. After all, you can obtain all the others when you reach your destination but you can’t undo a burglary at your home while you’re away!

To help ensure that your home is safe and secure and give you peace of mind while you are on holiday CSS has introduced our 30 Year Anniversary Home Guard+ Package and you could have it installed in time for the Summer holiday season.*

Our Home Guard+ Package features Wireless Intruder App Security which allows you remote access and control from your smartphone anywhere in the world. For only £99 initial cost there’s no better package to help you to relax and to enjoy your hard earned holiday.

Learn more about our 30 Year Anniversary Home Security Package.

*Dependent on order date and rental approval.

June 16th, 2017|Home Security|