Super Star Apprentices From CSS Yet Again

The apprenticeship programme at New College Lanarkshire (NCL) for the security industry is both credible and tangible. The results and standards spoke for themselves during last week’s competition between the apprentices.

Paul Connelly at New College Lanarkshire awards

Paul Connelly (centre) at New College Lanarkshire awards.

I would like to thank not only our own apprentices for a sterling effort in getting onto the winners podium but to all of those young people including female apprentices that have chosen our industry in which to embark on their career path.

Too often young people are an easy target in being perhaps tagged as being dis-engaged or lazy when it comes to the world of work. What we witnessed at NCL last week was a large group of articulate, hard working people that were totally engaged in the process having been mentored by their employers and the collages staff.

I am sure that our skills shortage, a shortage that’s has grown over many years due to a lack of investment in new talent, is definitely bearing fruit. That’s not only a good thing for the wider security industry but it also plugs the gap in having properly trained and accredited young people to develop into an industry where they can fill the roles being freed up as the older generation head to the exit door.

Paul Connelly, Managing Director, CSS

March 16th, 2018|CSS News|